New One

I have been stabbed 18 times or more 1)

I have had an addiction before 2)

I have broken my hand in a fight once 3)
Arorin Arorin
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17 Responses Aug 9, 2010

yeah it is real.

Is number two real? Addiction of what?

yeah it was number 3

i love this you lied about number 3

number 3

Vaccines? I never used anything.

ouch!<br />
It's usually me that stabs me, never on purpose...washing dishes is a dangerous job =P<br />
Then there's all those vaccines... >.<

knives mostly, or just sharp ob<x>jects in general.

stabbed with what?

what do you mean what is with it? I have been stabbed many times.

so, what's with #1 then? It's all in the wording...

well I am pretty big. <br />
<br />
yeah number 3 is the lie. I am to tough to break my hand.

hahahaha more of something to whack someone with, or lean against, dependng on your size.<br />
but number three?

Trees are more of a letter then a number!

well then...<br />
Oh, I dunno! It's all believable!<br />
number tree. Yes, tree. =P

No i am not talking about coffee or chocolate.

I'm guessing # one could be true, if you think about shots and vaccines...<br />
#3?<br />
But, wait.<br />
I say number two, unless you're talking about coffee or chocolate.