Two Are True, And One Is A Big Lie.

1) When I was in Junior high school, every day at the start of my electronics class I would preform, for my friends, a rip off of the game show The Joker's Willed. I called it The Toker's  Willed. I would do the voices, and personalities for the host, and the three players.

2) I think that the worst thing to happen to rock music is the Beatles. I think they changed the sound of rock for ever.

3) I love nature. I want to be out in the great out doors all the time.

                     Can you be the first one to pick my lie?
doctorirwin doctorirwin
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8 Responses Dec 3, 2010

I to think number 1, because i think you are soooooooo!!!! clever lol :-)

To find the answer to this question is just one click away. If you click on my i-con you will see my profile. Then right there you will see that I have a post in the group "Love The Beatles" so it is #2. I really did #1 every day for a whole semester. It was harder to write that I hate the Beatles, then to come up with a new episode of the Tokers Willed.

Number 1?


i'll spoil it for the rest!! you want me to tell you why?

2. Because the Beatles are... the Beatles. And I'll be so freaking disappointed if you were serious about this one.

Why did you guess #2?