1) I Have lived with a total of 5 cats my whole life.

2) I am 6'2

3) I have peed in a humidifier before.

Jak123abc Jak123abc
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2012

Psh lucky lol. Everyone towers over me xD People always come up and rest their elbows on my head xD

I hope not random people. That would just be plain weird. xP When someone (a friend) shorter than me starts talking to me, I sometimes look around like I cant seem them. Then I look down and say "Oh! I didn't see you down there." Lol

Lol that would be awkward xD
Haha wow xDD I'm so gonna do that to my friends, only say up there rather then down there x3

hm... 2?(:<br />
If not.. Geez your tall xD I'm like... a foot and an inch shorter than you xD

Hehe, I Am actually 6'2. I tower over everyone lol. :D