Figure Out My Lie >:d

Ohaai there. (: My turn to play the game. Here are my 3 sentences. Which one is the lie?

1. I've had a pet turtle. His name was Fred. He barely lasted a year because my mother was convinced that he needed to 'hibernate' and put him in the garden.
2. Once, my dad, while taking me out as a kid, left the store without me and started to drive home. When he arrived home, he realized he forgot about me and hurried back to the store. Luckily I was safe and sound, teary-eyed, but arrived home in one piece.
3. I've lived in 3 countries before the age of 5. I speak Japanese and have Russian parents, a German half-brother and two South African half-sisters.

Good luck ;)
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May 5, 2012