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2 <> 1 ... Easy

1 - I am a woman
2 - I'm an engineer
3 - I can swim in deep water
juliegirlie juliegirlie 41-45, M 5 Responses Jul 18, 2012

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swimming in deep water is quite amazing.

Yes, it's easy ... but wanting to be a woman is not so easy to live ... :'(

awww julie!! :( I think your a great woman with a beautiful heart. You are who you are and I'm happy your embracing it :) lovvee you julie!

Awww... sweetie.... You made me blush..... ***blushings***.... Thanks my sweet lil flower (✿◠‿◠)

this is a hard one. you have yourself as a man. your avatar is a woman. you could in fact be an engineer and also deep swim. these all can not be true. you not playing the game correct. lol but if i have to guess is a lie, i would say woman. are you going to tell us the truth.

ha, ha... Yes my avatar is only my sweet wish and inner girly feeling... that's the truth :)

julie is a nice name for a woman. and we all have something we desire. :)

aww.... You're sweet. Thanks dear :)

option 1

that's not fair. you could say you are a woman because you are in your soul but technically you are not. so that is a trick question. lol<br />
I'm going to guess 3. is a lie. You cannot swim in deep water.

He, he.... I can so.. :)

This isn't right. They're all true...