2 Truths And 1 Lie!

1) I have eaten goat brains before
2) I lost a friend to a terminal illness
3) I love pineapples
righteouschica righteouschica
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4 Responses Sep 19, 2012

I have eaten goat brain :P

for real??

Number one??

mhmm :)

OMG thank God


My dad once had gator tail. How's that for disgusting? XP

I am going to eat camel meat tonight. how's that for disgusting? :P

...Eww. Sorry for calling a food you like gross, but...

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I am going to guess Pineapples...very messy fruit to cut.

nope :D I love pineapples ;)

Nope...nice try....I know it is a lie!!! XD

XD pineapples are delishhhhhh

What about the pointy parts when you pick them up!!

oh that sucks :( but it doesnt take away their deliciousness :)

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second one= lie?