Okay Here Goes

1) I weigh seven 1/2 stone

2) I've had sex in a bar bathroom stall

3) I once passed out on a strangers lap at a house party


haha..... good times....

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10 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Number one for sure. I can't imagine either two or three happening if number one was true

Give that girl a cigar !!!! : ) I wrote it off on the second day !!!!

Ab !!! Tch .... Tch .... Tch ......... ; }

Another try Ab ?

Yup got to be No 1<br />
<br />
OK my go......<br />
<br />
1. Had sex in an hotel elevator ........<br />
2. Dearest round of drinks Ive paid for 3 drinks £94.00 =<br />
$186-00<br />
3. First day with new company car wrote it off ........<br />
: )


Fun game, so what's the answer, #1 is the lie, am I right?

I think number 3 is probably true... because we've all done that (or something close to it) at times. I don't know you well enough to know if you're the 'sex in a bathroom stall' type... so I'm gonna go for #1.

i remember one time i passed out with the pool stick in my hand at a bar and my friend had 2 guys carry me out to the car and locked me up!

I was JUST gonna ask if the truths vs the lie have to be in order!