Two of These Are True, One Is a Lie...

1.  I had a full-fledged, fist-fight with a guy.

2.  I had people walk in on me during a total nudity love-making session in a park.

3.  I was arrested.


I'll 'fess-up at some point.

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And the answers are:<br />
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Only one person said it was lie that I had a full-fledged fist fight with a guy... do I really seem that violent? Well, I DID have a fistfight with a guy and I kicked his ***, too. It was when I was in college and it was my roomies "boyfriend" and he showed up at our place one evening and started hitting her. He was drunk. I heard her crying and the sound of the fight and the slaps, so I ran in and there he was slapping her and she was kinda slumped against a wall. So I grabbed him, punched him twice in the face, he was drunk, so when he tried hitting me back it was pretty easy to punch him again in the stomach. Anyway, he got one good shot in on me before I hit him agains and he kinda went down, which allowed me to kick him between the legs. We called the cops and he was arrested.<br />
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Seven people guessed Number Three -- that I had never been arrested. Ummm. I was arrested once. For drunk driving. Handcuffed, fingerprinted and everything. Kept in the tank over night... me, some other drunk chicks, a couple of shoplifters and some hookers who were busted. What fun. Anyway, my lawyer got the charge reduced to Driving While Ability Impaired, so I didn't lose my license or have to pay any fines, just attend classes for a few weeks and there were some temporary restrictions put on my driving. Anyway, yes, I was busted!<br />
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SOOOO -- it was lie that I had people walk in on me during a total nudity love -making session in a park, which three people guessed. The lie here was that it was NOT total nudity. Heh, heh, heh. Yeah, this happened, except my skirt was still on, just pulled up over my tummy, and his pants were still on, just down by his ankles. But damn! It was embarrassing...<br />
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SO... there you have it.

2 is the lie. I think?

I'll go with number three... Can't wait to find out now!

I'm thinking 3 is a lie.

I don't think you have been arrested..

I'm gonna say number 3 is the lie. But, I have a knack for being really horrible at these things!!

All three could happen to the weird stuff that you are but two is way up to the limit, so I will go with 2!

I'll give full details on the two true and also talk about the evil lie too.