An Easy One

#1 - I can drop a tree and make it land anywhere I want – once to show off I cut down a tree and made it crush an egg 80 feet away.

#2 – The actor Danny Divito and I don’t get along.  

#3 – I drink skim milk because I am watching my waste line.


Nanoose Nanoose
61-65, M
6 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Lucky dude. If I look at pecan pie, my molars hurt and my waistline bulges...

Well there is a code on my Island – which is - what happens in ParksVegas stays in ParksVegas. <br />
So I can’t give details - but I can say that Danny Divito really - really hates my Jim Ignatallske imitation. <br />
The lie was me having to watch my waste line – I can eat a couple of peacan pies and I wouldn’t put on weight.. Cheers!

Aw, fooey! So, what's the answer. And why don't you and Danny-Do get along?????

No #2 is not the lie but it is a bit of an understatement – <br />
Danny Divito and I don’t just not get along we despise each other. Cheers!

Well, #1 is easy (yeah, right) with the right tools and a huge tree; I don't know jack about Danny except he made one lousy movie about Detroit (a pox on him!); so, I'll go with #3. If you are burning mega-calories lumberjacking and hanging out with the hollywood set (put down the caviar and champagne, screw whole milk). So; #2 is the lie. Did I win? Did I win? C'mon, Did I win? :>D

Well its 2 truths and a lie – are you saying #2 is <br />
a truth – if so you still got to <br />
figure out which one is the lie. Cheers!