Which is the LIE.

1) I'm a beat junkie

2) I'm a personality test junkie

3) Imma bean eating fool


Let the gaaaaames begin

Tummie Tummie
26-30, M
8 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Ha ha! That's me and boiled eggs. But they don't buy that it was the dog... >: (<br />
<br />
I want some beans and rice now!!!

Ohhhhh but I'll still eat beans and rice LOL. The people around will just have deal with it

Beans and rice are awesome but the gas they give you after...not awesome...that was my thinking. Ha ha!

Ohhh I'm not really good at dancing. Crap! I should have listed that lol

Well...I don't consider myself a bean eating fool lol. I'm more like a cheese-cake-eating fool :P

Okay okay. You two got me. Guilty as charged :P I do like beans. I'm just not addicted to them lol


Hahahahahaahahaha Why #3?