1.) I lost my little brother at a carnival.

2.) I  stabbed a boy in high school unprovoked.

3.) I wanted to be a boy until i was 21.

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2 Responses Feb 20, 2009

It is #1 that is he lie.<br />
#3 is totally true I was abused growing up, and that caused me to see being female as being weaker. I wanted the power that man seemed to have. I did not want to be the victim. I did not want to be needy and rely on a man the way i saw so many older women around me doing. Also I hated always being told not to fight yell or address my anger in any real way. I wanted to run and get dirty. I hated "sitting like a lady" in my church dresses. There seemed to be too many rules for being a girl and no power. <br><br />
I did not realize how awesome being a woman is until I was tripping mushrooms one night and looked in the mirror and for the first time in my entire life saw myself as pretty. After that I started slowly femming it up and understanding the quiet power of the female sex. I also realized I am an adult and a modern woman I can make up my own rules or have none at all about what it is o be a woman. So here I am I traded my old spice in for dove, but I still hate bras, wear wife beaters, and get dirty.

Three is the lie .......