Do You Know?


  1. I've made out with another girl
  2. I am double jointed in more than one place
  3. I get scared at horror movies
brwneyedbeauty brwneyedbeauty
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27 Responses Apr 28, 2009

haha. Nowhere special. My thumb and wrist. haha. But I am very flexible. :)


Yeah maybe....

No. I don't think so. It seems to have been one of those spoofs. Like on the really long experience title.

You must have hit submit twice or refreshed the page after commenting!

I don't know why it did that.


one tongue was enough hun!



A very busy one, now if I only knew how that girl also looked like it could have made things easier!!

Oh Lord. Busy night huh?

Yeah dont you know i jerked off 5 times thinking about it... :P

haha. yeah well it sure made floydians night that the first one was true. haha

bah ha ha ha!! thats such a witty responce (beauty's last one)<br />
<br />
i was really stumped. i was like, maybe she only KISSED a girl, or maybe shes only double jointed in one area, but the last one did seem a little too normal to fit in with the other confession...

Which sounds very fun to me!

That is so very bad of you, and then I may imagine to very obscene levels!! :P

I think I'd rather let you imagine.

Then you'd rather show me! :P

Theres nothing to hear about it.

I AM SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!


Well i need to hear about the first one now....

Three is definately the lie!!! I do NOT get scared at horror movies!! haha

:/<br />
<br />
Then its 3 for sure....

No you are not.

No 1 i think i had asked you that am i right???