I Did This Once Before, But Once Is Never Enough


  1. I went an entire year in my teens without wearing a dress.
  2. I threw a used tampon at someone.
  3. I went a week without using soap of any kind.
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Ah... I see... Well, that would have been my number two guess...

I did... and he had "it" coming to him, too!

I fessed up back in comment 14...

I would go with number 1 is the lie.


You would have been so much fun to be around in school, you would be a challenge for us other girls to keep up with!

he certainly did... thats why it was so cool ;)

Well, I don't know about lovely or cool... but the a-hole deserved it.


this ywo lines are true.<br />
<br />
I went an entire year in my teens without wearing a dress. <br />
I threw a used tampon at someone.

OK, here goes....<br />
<br />
Anyone who knows me, knows that I totally LOVE to wander in the woods. Back about 7 years ago, a group of us were going to camp and stay in a little log house up in the Adirondack Mtns... it was a good 4-hour hike from where we set off... well, by the time we got there it turns out that there was NO SOAP in the cabin... and each of us had figured that either there would be soap there or that someone else had brought it....<br />
We managed to hike about an hour out and called to a friend who was going to join us... and we asked her to bring soap when she joined us the next day... but naturally, in all the rush, she forgot too. We ended up swimming in the lake everyday, but ... no soap. So it is true that I went a week without soap. We smelled, but we all smelled together! <br />
<br />
As for going a year without wearing a dress -- that's just silly! I haven't gone a WEEK without wearing a dress! I love to wear dresses!<br />
<br />
So that one is the lie!<br />
<br />
If you want the story behind number two... well, it was back in college. I had hookedup with this guy from another college, he would visit a high-school friend who was in my school. The dude seemed ok, and we spent some time together, and he invited me to visit his place for a long weekend which would include this wild party.... OK... well, it turned out to be a weekend that my period was in full flow. In fact, it started that day... I TOLD him it had started (I'm not shy about being on my period, and I figured he had a right to know), but it seemed to go in one ear and out the other... maybe he figured I was making it up or something to get out of sex later, although why he would think that, I don't know. So we went to the party and it really was a good one... we got there at like 5pm and didn't leave till like 3am... I had changed tampons once while there (NOT an easy thing to do with tons of people needing the bathroom!) but I super needed to change it again by the time we got back to his place... so I got into the bathroom first...<br />
<br />
Did I mention we were both totally drunk?<br />
<br />
So, I'm in there, blotto, trying to get another tampon out of my purse, out of it's wrapper, get the old one out of me, and all the time he's banging on the door telling me he REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to get in and use the bathroom... well, I dropped the effen new tampon and it rolled under the effin radiator, so I got another one out... BANG BANG BANG on the door..."HEY, LIKE I REALLY NEED TO GET THE **** IN THEREWHAT THEHELLISTAKINGYOUSOFUCKINGLONG? and I got the old one out and dropped it on the floor too! But I got the new one in, picked the old one up (using a kleenex -- please!) and opened the door and threw it at him and said, "THIS IS WHATTHEFUCK I WAS DOING IN HERE!"<br />
<br />
It hit him in the face... I washed my hands as he stumbled in and pissed a gallon.<br />
<br />
I did stay the night, but went home the next day. That relationship went totally no where.

#2 is a lie

It's gotta be # 1.

So you don't lose them????

2 is the lie... shucks!

C'mon MissBebe... you need to choose one as the lie...

Its three .....