I Hope This Is Hard For You!

1. I have had a deadly snake in the house.

2. I have had a whole swarm of bees in the house

3. I always tell the snakes in the shed to hide themsselves before I enter.

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7 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Okay Lil, I'll have to put my thinking cap on...<br />
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Spring - I wish! The second snake we had in the house, Roj fled his office before me, leaving me behind, only 3 meters away from it, without even telling me! I had to ask what was wrong before he let me know that there was a snake in his office.<br />
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Faucon - Well as long as they don't come in the house, I wouldn't worry too much :)

You are both wrong! lol. Roj is the one who always tells the snakes to hide before he enters the shed - cute huh?<br />
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I've actually had two brown snakes in the house on two separate occasions. The first time I was on my own on the farm. There was a mouse plague at the time and I was used to setting plastic mouse traps to catch them 24/7. That morning the mice were particularly noisy and I just couldn't catch them no matter where I moved the mouse traps to in the office. Then, when I went into the office to relocate the mouse traps one more time, mumbling something about stubborn mice, I saw a VERY big brown snake just feet away from me. OMG! I shut the door, horrified and wondered what to do. AND THEN it stuck it's head under the door! There is a whole lot more to this story including some very embarrassing bits but won't go on...<br />
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A swarm of bees had decided to set up home in our chimney over summer. I was alone with my two young boys (1 and 3) and thought the most logical thing to do would be to light a fire, open the chimney and scare them off. I lit what was going to be a fantastic fire, open the hatch and BAM! the whole hive dropped into the fireplace and smothered the fire. After recovering from the shock I rushed my boys into a bedroom and closed the door. I told them that I'd fix it and that even it they heard mummy screaming they WERE NOT TO come out. There were 100s of bee in the house!<br />
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lol. No, I'm no snake charmer!

Gotta be #2...I can tell you talk to snakes. LOL ;)


Anymore takers? I'm going to do the washing up and then come back to reveal the right answer...

Gee, thanks you two! You really must think that I'm crazy!

lol. That's me, the snake charmer :)