See If You Can Work Out This One!

1.I love to squeeze Roj's pimples

2. Roj likes to squeeze my pimples

3.Thought I was dying when I squeezed my first pimple

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16 Responses Feb 10, 2010

I hate the thought of wasted protein. That's all it is. And do enjoy squeezing pimples. But number 3 surprised me.

*raises eyebrowes* Love is all about letting your partner eat your pimple goo! Hmmmmm. I don't think many people are in love!<br />
<br />
I'm going to have to read some of your stories if I am to understand your second comment...

Well ... no. <br />
<br />
But on the other hand, I might let the love of my life eat my pimple goo if she wanted. Isn't that the issue? And isn't that what love is about? <br />
<br />
But on the other other hand ... what do I know about love and marriage? Apparently zilch.

Oh really Jimmy! Would you eat it???

Oh Oh ... now that is just ... <br />
<br />
But seriously WG, once he's already popped the goo out why do you care if it eats it. Are you some kind of pimple prude?!

You were all wrong! <br />
<br />
Roj is always trying to get me to squeeze the pimples on his back. No way Hoe-zay!<br />
<br />
Roj loves to squeeze my pimples. It doesn't bother me as long as he doesn't eat the pimple goo once they are squeezed *passes sick bag around*<br />
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When I was about 11 I discovered that white stuff came out of the dots on my nose. I didn't know what it was, but for about half an hour it was so much fun....until I thought...OMG, my nose has turned bright red....I'm dying....but I was too embarrassed to tell my mum...thought, oh well, I've had a good life...

I think I'd just point out some of the ads that are down the side of this story and give you a buck or two to do it yourself!

I supposed that they are just trying to be friendly and helpful. :)

LOL. I'm having visions of women strangers coming up to you and squeezing your pimples. You ARE such a chick magnet!

Oh I can handle female pimplepuss if necessary. What I really don't like is when a woman squeezes my pimple without being invited to do so.

interesting Jimmy. A bit sqirmish are y ou? Don't like women's innerds??? ;)

I agree its number 2. A woman is much more likely to squeeze her man's pimples than the other way around. Eww.

....but not afraid of his pain! lol.<br />
<br />
lol there is an ad on the side of this story for a blackhead removal stick...what's the fun in that??

Oh, come on! You can't tell me that you have never squeezed a pimple Faucs!

What were y ou afraid of?

Hmmmmm. You'd better do a good one for us to do too!