Lets Try Again!

Okay so I have tried to make it harder this time :)

1. I can only lie on my left side to go to sleep

2. I have my ears pierced three times

3. I only ever eat cheese pizza

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12 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Whoohoo! Got it right this time! And I'm right that it is your favorite! I love garlic n cheese, btw. ;)<br />
*strutting my winning smile here*

No WG! That was the lie.

Next time you wnat another piercing, call Wildernssgirl!<br />
<br />
Still can't believe you only eat cheese pizza! *shakes head* ....no way....

It wasn't something exotic then! I thought you might have fallen off something weird, or been doing some strange contorted thing whilst trying to avoid germs...

How did you break your arm??? Or is that a '1 truth and 2 lies' story???

No way your lying!

I would guess 3. Just me projecting my own tastes onto you though Lilly. I can't believe you'd only eat cheese pizza!!! Don't think I could cope without some sort of veggie on there.

I have no freakin' clue...but I will go with #3. You must have eaten other kinds of pizza. It can be a favorite...but you must have tried others...must have. I'm actually reconditioning your mind here just in case I'm wrong. lol ;)

Oh. So I take it that you didn't...lol

I have a funny feeling that it's number 1. <br />
<br />
Did you pierce your ears on your own as a teenager? I had about 5 on one of my ears at one stage. I use to stick a stud in whenever I felt like it! I know - I was crazy!

OK .. I'll have to have a good think about it over night.. off out in `5 minutes.

I may be wrong, but I can't see three holes in the ear...lol