My Turn, My Turn, My Turn Again - Come On At When Are You Going To Have A Turn!

1. I have four nipples

2. I have double jointed knees

3. I have six toes on one foot

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22 Responses Feb 11, 2010

Well. Come on AT. I haven't got all night!

Sorry WG. But he seems to have become distracted and is answering questions???

OH stop it. You'll just encourage AT to procastinate. He is meant to be concentrating on writing up his list of three thingees Roj!

So would the voyeur in me...

*raises eyebrows* I'd like to see that!

If you didn't already have too much information, perhaps you do now...

WG, nipples 1 and 2 are as big as they need to be and are just lovely.

Excuse me Roj, We don't talk about personal things like that on EP!

Wish I could hear the tone in AT voice. Is that: Lucky Roj! or Lucky Roj!!! or Lucky Roj.<br />
<br />
Spring - let me guess. Something are best kept as secrets ;)<br />
<br />
Don't worry my 3 aned 4 nipples are minute...and some would say that my 1 and 2 were too!!

AT sometimes I think two nipples is plenty for me to handle! My coordination is not good enough to deal with more... Thank goodness the other two are rather small and not (as far as I know) erogenous zones.

But you changed your choice, so that doesn't count Lilly!

Okay, okay. I can't stand it any longer...the 3s have it!<br />
<br />
Mulitple births are very common in my family and I am genetically more superior than all of you.<br />
<br />
And I can bend my big toe up and around to touch my belly button :)

I didn't say 7. I said 6!

All shall have be revealed in a few short moments!


di-reacted : a reaction x 2

I was going to write something mean, but I think it best that I bite my tongue :)****

????? I gather that's direct at Lilly?

Oh thanks. Multiple deformities!

You just wait till AT has his turn...