Kitti Puts Her Lucky Hat On To Play ...come And Play With Me


1) I am a personal assistant to an executive

2) I was born in Spain but brought up in NY

3) Once entered a hula hoop contest .but lost the hoop was too big  


Yayay lets play yes?....=-D

softkitti softkitti
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9 Responses Feb 18, 2010

*giggles* ahh MM ...kitti did do that .. #3 is wrong ... I was young and the teacher was so mean and he told one of my little friend .....made fun of her and she was crying so they dared me ... and I ran as fast as my little feet could carry me and took the wig off while he sat eating outside ....

I think one is a lie because I dont think you would have dared to do that to a teacher!!

ohhh yayayay more pla<x>yers ok lets see <br />
<br />
Deep storm <br />
I would say #1 is a lie am I right darlng? <br />
<br />
ahh thank you Laurie ... my lucky hat helps me thnk on my toes *hugs Laurie *

I'll play your game:<br />
<br />
1. I once stole a car and drove it to another state and was arrested.<br />
<br />
2. I am a 20 year veteran law enforcement officer (retired).<br />
<br />
3. I spent 6 years in the military and served in Viet Nam.<br />
<br />
Which are the truths and which is the lie.

ohh sylph .. you my daring are never a dork *hugs sylph tightly* okay umm no actually #2 is true *giggles* ahh yes kitti loves getting wet in the rain and have been looked at strangely for it ...but it is so much fun I cant help it =-D

Ooohhh...these are all fun stuff...#2 is the lie??? Only because #1 and #3 are just too cute and I want them to be true.<br />
<br />
Dang! Your previous truths and lie just made me a dork! LOL ;)

No darling actually num #2 is the lie ... # 1 and #3 are correct...hmmm another yes? okay <br />
*kitti straightens her beanie * <br />
<br />
#1 : I once grabbed a teachers wig on a dare<br />
#2: I dance in the rain every chance I get barefoot <br />
#3: Once got a 72 year old woman to dance salsa with me at a party =-D

Kitti, don't tell us we only get to choose between 1 and 2...hmmm...I'll be a dork if I still don't guess correctly. Hmmm...#1 is the lie...???

*giggles* ahh yes I think so believe or not 2E ... 3 is true * blushes * yeah I know ...but I still say the contest was rigged ..I still remember ... the hula hoop they gave me and white and big enough for at least 14 people .........dammit I want my prize of a dinner for two at tgif.!!!..=-D