I wonder if this will be tricky for people...


1. I live in a red house with white trims

2. I don't like to watch horror movies.

3. I have abseiled.

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8 Responses Feb 25, 2010

LOl Faucon. You are right red with white trim does sound cute. It's sort of reminds me of a barn or the little red hen's house (not that I've seen it!). :)

Delta wins! No, I don't have a red house. I'm not sure it would be a good colour to have out where we live.<br />
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I used to watch horror movies when I was young and silly but not anymore!<br />
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I have abseiled once before. It took all my courage just to get to the top of the tower let alone let myself go over the edge. I'll never forget the fear I felt.

* half smile*

I think you don't like horror movies.

*raises eyebrowes*

LOL. I can't imagine you watching horror movies out where you live Faucon. The American horror movies of the 80s all seemed to be in cornfields, mountainous areas and ranges!

LOL, Faucon...I think WG needs to know your answer...too funny... :D<br />
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My guess...hmmm...#2...