And The Theme Is .... Driving

Pick the lie

1 I can't reverse park

2 I can't merge into the highway traffic

3 I love to run over toads on the road

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12 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Awww...I wasn't here...dang! But I would have been wrong...I would have answered #3. I mean, sure, they're toads...ugh...but they're still toads! <br />
<br />
Reverse park...lmao...but I can believe you. I have a RL friend who does the same thing. She will park in the most deserted spot in the parking lot so she can just inch forward to the next spot in front and would look like she reversed park!<br />
<br />
Love the speed demon in you, Lills...there's no other way to do it but go fast...whoohoo! :D<br />
*Sylph gives a high-five to Lilly*

All you'll hear is the screams of delight from the cab...

lol. Maybe you could record the sound effects next time you go off and do it. Use your camera to do it okay? Promise me!

And I always thought you were nice and gentle.

*shakes head* I imagine you all wind the windows down for the full sound effect!

Yeah, I on the computer near the kitchen now! The kids are all throwing balls at each other and having pillow fights!

LOL I was right!!!

I am going with number 1. If you couldn't do number 2, you'd never get anywhere! Although I suppose you could always come to a stop and wait for a gap in the traffic... and have a feeling I may have some prior knowledge on number 3 ;-)

OKay, Okay. Number 1 was right. Why? Because I forgot that you were a speed head. And we all know that speed pants people can all merge! You'd just like the thrill of it all!

Okay. It's number 2. I surrender. I was wrong....<br />
<br />
Merging is scary. You really have to trust people are going to do the right thing by you. I often think it's lovely that people hop into the next lane when they see you coming, and think - they must know I sh*tting myself. lol

It's got to be number 3.

Easy peasy. Number 1. Neither can I!