Tough Challenge!

1) I have been on Jerry Springer  2) I have worked for the Mafia  3) My high school was taken hostage


This is a toughie!  Can you pick out the lie?  Jerry has been on awhile and there is no telling...still with being on the net..maybe.  What about the mafia?  Was Pacino part of it?  They are still around but not really...could it be?  HS taken hostage, well there has been some on the news.  I woulda been in high school in the early 80s.  Still...that is whacked too.   Which one?



Have you figure it out????


Have your guess?


In 1982 my High School Lake Braddock in Burke, VA just outside of Washingtone DC waas taken hostage.  We were grades 7-12.  The play Oklahoma was being staged and a young guy came in the school with a rifle asking the office for his girlfriend.  they thought it was a prop until he shot out a light!  We were not allowed to leave our class.  SWAT came and we left school at 530pm. 3 is the truth.


that leaves 1 and 2...both wierd which one?


I have worked for the Mafia.  They funded a part of a sex trade I helped my mother out with (she is part owner).  Just keeps getting wierder huh??


sooo nope I have never been on Jerry...but i want my beads!! WoooHoooo!!

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fine call her company with your credit card in hand and spend money on it

If your Ma wants a willing helper I am free to do whatever.

no, phone sex industry. the mafia funded it. thank goodness it was no smuggling people!! whew!!

Yea, this is one of the most jaw-dropping stories I've read on EP. Hadn't heard anything about the Mafia being involved in this lately, not that I'd put it past them, of course. So Mom's involved in bringing teens in from Eastern Europe or something like that? What a mom to have!