You'll Never Ever Get This One....

1. I once killed a baby sparrow

2. I enjoy killing rabbits

3. I have killed several slithering creatures


HA!  See if you can guess that one!!!!! *pokes out tongue*

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34 Responses Feb 28, 2010

Lil, cool! It would be the funniest sight. Two grown women whooping and swerving, popping and swishing with wide grins on their faces :)<br />
<br />
Jewel - it does sound like it doesn't it!

Your an Eagle, I would have to think. Sincerly, Jewel

Your an Eagle, I would have to think. Sincerly, Jewel

Oh dear...I'm beginning to fell like an open book! There must be a way to trick you. You and I must play a game of online Scrabble someday. I wonder if I'd bet you at that?? :)<br />
<br />
I will trick you. Wait and see....

New costume...hmmm...<br />
*Sylph is thinking*

Yes way! Roj can look a rabbit in the eye and bong it on the head. I can only kill someone 'accidentally' with the car. Chameleons, despite their ability to camoflage themselves would stick out like a sore thumb where I live!

LOL!!! As a lizard...c'mon...with all that glitzy costume Super -D has on??<br />
Too funny...

I might not kill you but my dog might!! And Roj doesn't have trouble killing cute thing either. Perhaps we could disguise you as a lizard...

Watch out Delta - We also kill cats on the farm! Run!!!!!

Yep, that's me, I'll a mean green killing machine! lol.

TM would prefer a steam roller. He's a truckie....remember....

What a great idea Anal ;) ! Lilly and I could have a roadkill comp. Actually, come to think of it, I may just take you up on that offer to go canetoad popping one day. It's gotta make a good sound :)

But you'd have more fun hunting with TM when he comes to visit?

Very funny Roj. A very fast steam roller would be suffice :)

haha!!! :D

*mental note to get WG a rifle for her next birthday*

AWwwwww, poor little bunnies all swished on the road......

Hmm...murderer! LOL ;)

1. I still feel guilty to this day. The kids and I found a tiny, naked baby sparrow out in the paddock. It was suffering and going to die anyway. The kids asked me what I was going to do I said that we should kill it. No-one wanted to do it - so I just turned my head and just walked away...just like in the song by, you know...I've forgotten her name...<br />
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2. I used to feel bad about killing rabbits on the road. I'd squirm and shut my eyes if I couldn't avoid it (not very safe!) But nowadays I actually swerve to hit them. And yes Roj, I love the sound of the thunk it makes on the bottom of the car if I've hit it. I always mutter as quick....YES! if I do!<br />
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3.I accidentally kill legless lizard often when digging in the garden.. it'sso sad that both ends wiggle :(

:( IT"S NOT FAIR!!!! You cheated TM! *Stamps feets and goes and sulks*

They are pests, the farmers; but I'm not one. We just have one or two that lives in our garden...maybe three...I'm not sure...they all look the same. haha And I call them bunnies...because they're cute...but they eat my grass and leave patches...but still cute...and hides in my junipers...still cute bunnies. LOL

Lilly's comment makes a lot of sense. And Roj seems to confirm it. So I'll go with number 1 instead.

Aren't rabbits pests where you are, Sylph?

Yes, what if??? :)

Eeeewwww...I hope Brill doesn't catch one by springtime here. Last year, he was younger but quick enough to he's bigger and faster...........I would just shriek!!

Mmmm. What if - it's not killing rabbits directly you're talking about, but rather a vicarious pleasure you take in seeing our rabbit-blood-thirsty whippet bearing down on one?

HA! Wait and see!<br />
<br />
I would let you all know but I have to wait for Travelinman to answer....<br />
<br />
Mr Snowman! Where are you???

I don't want to spoil it for everyone WG, just in case I'm right. My guess is #2, because I've never seen you enjoy killing anything warm-blooded (except perhaps mice).<br />
<br />
But you may have a secret that I don't know - a private delight in the 'thunk' sound made by a rabbit as it gets hit by the car - the equivalent of Lilly's toad popping?

Come on ROJ! Take a guess! I'm dying to know what you'd pick :)

I say #2 also. I don't think you'd enjoy it. But who knows?

*smiles* AND *raises eyebrows*

I'd say #2. There could not be enjoyment in killing. It has to have a purpose but definitely not for fun. Unless.....<br />
<br />
The baby sparrow could have been killed accidentally. Probably you were playing with a slingshot. I did this twice when I was young - a baby bird and the other time, knocked over the whole nest. Felt horrible for days! And slithering creatures......eewwww...I would probably join you!

Oooooooh WG. Tricky....

Go on then I'll say no 2 is the false one.