My Friend's Turn

1) Been to Florida twice

2) I drive a corvette

3) I'm colombian

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10 Responses Mar 2, 2010


haha lol....i dunno

WRONG! ... that is strange (O_O) .. it is the first time in my whole life i get wrong guessing :/ ... :) <br />
<br />
but i was half right ... right ? lol

WRONG!!! lol because it's my friend, i know she's been there. but personally, i've never been. i want to though

we all know that you haven't been in Florida twice .... you have been there only one lol


ok fine lol you win

:( I only have 2 more guesses<br />
I'll stay with two

maybe......hmmmm idk lol ;) keep guessing

2 is a lie