Here goes another one quiz.  This one is especially for TouchofSpring, who has been asleep for my other quizzes, and will appreciate this from the perspective of a teacher.  And its for everyone else who wants to guess.


(1) English and reading were among my weaker subjects in school.

(2) I graduated near the top of my class from a top law school.

(3) Math has always been a difficult subject for me.  

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I'm not very good at this I get everybody's wrong.

The answer is 3.

well i didn't say because I think you cant be graduated from a top law school , but because of the tone of your choices :), so what is the answer?

Thanks a lot saeide! I'm offended. (kidding)

i guess 2

Sorry Spring. I should have kept my trap shut! Wow! A professor - an Academic! It gives me hope hearing that you have to read so slowly and look where you've got yourself!

I'm sorry Spring. I know I even promised. I'll wait until you are online for the next one because i obviously can't help commenting once the responses come in.

Well I learned something from this one. Good story, Jimmy.

Shoot...I'm late here. And you said you'll wait for Spring.....???<br />
Anyway...more please... :)

WG, I think law school evaluation does measure some important skills that affect lawyer performance, but it also doesn't measure everything. I was a lawyer for several years and did fine. Although certain kinds of law practice work better for me than others. I remember flubbing one project that required a lot of fast reading of depositions and recall of facts. I and my firm figured out what I was good at and tried to stick with that.<br />
<br />
Now I am a professor. More like an absent-minded professor. And I still read slowly, but I have learned that creativity goes a long ways.

Yes, Lilly, you figured it out even before WG. Of course you would figure it out. You and I think alike in a lot of ways, sharing some of the same quirks. :)

I'm glad you found a way through law school. You're lucky. Was it based on performance by any chance??! Are you a lawyer now?

Okay, its kind of obvious now. <br />
<br />
Yes, the answer is 3. Math was always easier for me than English. And I do think WG is right that there is a correlation with music there too. I was never diagnosed with dyslexia, but I do have a lot of its attributes. Maybe that is the reason why I still have trouble reading a whole book. In law school it was a struggle to keep up with the reading, and often I simply couldn't do it. But I was lucky to find out that law school doen't usually test on the reading as much as on other skills that I am better at. It was more like math and music than I originally thought.

I WIn! I Win! Woohoo! I Win! I WIN!!!!!!

Dang. WG just knows too much.

I'm guessing 1 because I don't believe musical people could have difficulty with numbers and patterns. You could have been dsylexic and thus had trouble with reading and English, or may have come from a home where english was a second language...or a heap of other reasons.<br />
<br />
Law? well why not?

Hmm. Interesting. <br />
<br />
I hope nobody thinks I would be insulted if you guessed 2.

I'll say 1 is not true.

Well I can't imagine 2 being true and 1 being true too. I reckon 1 is the lie Jimmy :)