is written from the soul. I find the violin to be very romantic, powerful, and dramatic. I am taking piano this year and am in 2 varsity choirs. i hope to advance up to taking violin within the next few years.
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most things don't just happen. you are the only one who can make it for yourself. you have brilliant thoughts and ideas and im sure you could come up with some very creative things as hobbies or volunteer as.

Yea just have no ambition anymore, my day is the same old thing day after day, nothing new.

the way i see it, there is no time better than the present. no reason u cant LIVE just becuz u are older than most doing what u will.

You are more ambitious than me, and as far as talent well if I wrote a book, it would have to be a children's book. Play great piano, it would have to be to a deaf person. Paint the beauty of a single moment, it would have to be quicker than the twinkling of the eye. Sing a solo, well that's just out of the question. Maybe Ill just live the simple life. I don't believe an old dog can learn new tricks. If only I was 18 again and know what I know now, I could conquer the world. Talk to you later Bebeh

thank you :) ive been wanting to do a lot. i feel very ambitious, but i don't know where i'd find time to do all these things. I want to do things like writing a book (already have things written out), playing great piano (taking a class at school), paint the beauty of a single moment, living it, feeling it with all you are, singing solo (have before but got too scared, my confidence is growing again tho, ive been in choir since the 4th grade)..just lots of different things...

Thank you, I was taught that life is what we make of it, if you see something you want to do you do it with all your heart and don't let anyone get in your way. I think it is great you want to learn the piano and the violin. I think it is romantic as well. I wish I was talented like that. By the way I think you are not only a great person but a sweet heart.

thanks, that was really nice. :)<br />
you are a great person you know that?

Music makes me feel good, it moves me, it makes me think about the past, when you here a song that you havent heard in year's. I have a feeling you are going to do good with what ever you put you mind to.