Cheaters:which Is Worse?

for your significant other to be a serial cheater with many different people or to have an ongoing, steady relationship with just one person? which is worse to you and why?
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Many people because she would just be hoeing around and if it's with one person maybe she likes that person more then me but also less likely to get an std

No. 2 is much worse!<br />
(scenario 1 - you are in relationship with a sex addict that finds everything s/he needs with you, but sex diversity. Cure: if you can't change them join them!<br />
scenario 2 - you've been used for just one of your qualities, probably money)

i think the people that need sexual diversity are just greedy in most cases.

Does not oppose my stand on topic.

I guess its worse if they sleep around with many people because if they do cheat then the relationship is over and it is less likely that they would get an std with one peson than many.

that could be true

i don't want to choose either but i would have to say having a steady relationship with one person would be worse to me. that would tell me that there are feelings there, a connection that might be harder to break than just having sex with multiple people. i would see the steady relationship as more of a threat.

good point,CG20

Well I woujd have to say --Sleeping around with others is worse------Why you ask well if you are lucky you r **** won't fall off after sleeping around.............better yet you get some that AJACKS won't get rid of.

i can see where sex with mutiple people raise the chance of getting an STD, something to definitely be concerned about.

better and did I answer the ?

yes, you did

it's nice to know that some people belive in fidelity :) but you didn't answer the question i posed lol

well for me saying ---I DO--ment that I leave my Zipper up until I get home with MRS.<br />
That may be hard for some both (male & female) some one is always watching!