Make love to your best friend (whom you always had a crush on and love), but her not wanting anything serious with you.

Making love with a girl you barely met, but who is willing to give herself to you, but you are not in love.

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Anyone willing is better than someone not willing. People don't have to love each other to have a good time and it doesn't necessarily have to be disrespectful or morally draining or dirty. Save the making love for the time you find someone who wants that and take the fun while it's on offer. Happy days :)

I'm a girl that goes after guys but #2 <br />
Making love with a girl you barely met, but who is willing to give herself to you, but you are not in love.

I think the first one (the best friend), nothing worse than liking somebody, and the feelings aren't mutual.

that wasn't fair for her to use you for her pleasure and nothing else. i'd rather be with a person that i didn't have emotional ties to.

Nice contrasting response Eli, <br />
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thank you!

I do believe my casting call for the Days of Our EP Lives Soap opera has just arrived. Seeing how everyone else is fixated on the second option, I feel the need for counter-balance, and to therefore pick the other. It seriously sounds like too much fun, and something I've always wanted -- probably aching right down to my bones for. Besides, in my character's role, as the Dean of Woman's Studies, I have to respect my friend's choice to keep me at arm's length. It's an imperfect world, and I have to play my imperfect part in it.<br />
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Literally, there have been situations in my past where this is what I would have wanted. It's an odd choice, really. But sleeping with my limited commitment best friend wouldn't crush me. I cannot be number one in everyone's books, after all.

yes i do...and i wish you the best...I hope you make the best decision for you!!!!! cause if you are not happy, you can't make anyone else happy!

hmmm....i would have to bewith my friend i think...and you now know why lol

it can be a one night stand, or a relationship as well, it could go either way....but i meant it more as a relationship...

is the 2nd options a 1 night stand? bc i would choose that one in a heartbeat-it would kill me to choose the 1st choice!

yeah...but it's a vicious cycle.....the person is not in love with me, but i end up staying with the person i don't love, and they don't want to cause they know i don't love them, then they end up looking for someone tha tloves them but they don't love.....etc etc etc etc......<br />
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wow what a head rush!

I guess if you have a concience, number 2 would be hard... good thing I occationally loose my concience! BWahahahahah! Kidding! Well, mostly.... :O Still... I'd get rid of the person in number one if I was in love but knew it was just sex with them. I would want to leave the situation first, before He got the jump. Cause in the end, you're gonna be dumped in this scenario!

Ilove your silliness, please don't stop it... ok :D...<br />
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you said fondly!!! :D yay....

thank you shadow...well things like that have made me the person i no worries.. :D....i would still have a crush on that *****, if it wasn't for the reality check! lol

yeah, i know, but she did. she lead me to believe she wanted me, we had a "relationship" for a while, and of course we shared the same bed most weekends. but whenever i wanted to take it a step further....she'll reject me....

i wouldn't want to make love to my friend who doesn't want more than that. ouch!