Fun With Mom -- Too Perverse?

It's hard work coming up with efficient and effective ways to control and humiliate Jack -- the humiliations should be tailored to the situation and I don't want to inflict permanent damage, physically or emotionally. So I welcome your feedback for this.

My 80-year-old mother lives with us in a spare room (actually we converted the garage). She doesn't pay rent and is quite demanding. This annoys Jack and he often is very disrespectful toward her. I have told him to treat her respectfully, but he is not listening.

Here's my plan -- I would like to tell him that his next ****** must be in front of her. Sooner or later he will be desperate enough that he'll do it. He will need to ***** completely naked and ********** his little wienie in front of her, for her entertainment. I've mentioned this to her and she's on board and thinks it would be hilarious (you can see where I inherited my kinks). Of course, she would mock his size and laugh about the control that the women in the house have over him. I figure that it's impossible to disrespect someone after being so thoroughly humiliated. After that, I imagine he will shuffle obsequiously when he is around her, look at the floor, and say "Yes m'am."

What do you think? Too much? If I get the go ahead from you fine people, I'll report the results here.
Melissa0163 Melissa0163
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3 Responses Dec 12, 2012

It's not at all too much. In my opinion if he dosen't learn some respect perhaps a session with a cane with Mom looking on will help.

You're great

Very humiliating! Especially if your mom plays along.

You should have her spank him as well!