Navel Date

Her black silk dress clung to her hips, her tummy and slipped into her navel. She leaned back against the soft leather banquette and turned sideways, crossed her long legs and smoothed her short silk dress down over her nylon-covered legs, so that it almost covered her upper thighs.
I forgot what I was saying.
In the warm candlelight her big eyes had a smokey glow; languid, confident.
I must have been saying something. We'd finished our meal and were drinking our espressos.
“And?" she asked, adjusting her dress on her thighs again and giving me a small smile that made her eyes brighter. I took another sip of Burgundy, shrugged and said, “Well...", apparently the limit of my conversational skills at that moment.
She took a sip of the red wine and it flowed over her red lips and her pink tongue licked a drop from the rim. Casually her long fingers traced a path from below her breasts, down her toned stomach and stopped at her navel. her manicured fingers rested there, lightly on the thin silk.

I loosened my tie.
The restaurant was elegant, dim with soft peach colored walls, a high ceiling. About ten tables and a few banquets were filled with an attractive, well dressed New York crowd. Couples mostly; young, twenties and thirties, almost all in traditional New York black-on-black the women is serious heels low necklines and short hemlines. "Earth calling, dude" she said softly with laugh. "In case you've forgotten the reason for our first tete a tete, it's to see if we want to...if we like each other."

"Hum, yeah."

"Well," she said softly, looking quickly around at the other diners, "I'm satisfied. Or maybe that's the wrong word." Her fingers took mine gently, slowly and placed my hand on her belly.

As my heart stoped momentarily I grazed her belly, feather light touches around her navel. Her eyes closed for a second, then opened and looked into mine. She leaned in close to me. Our shoulders and hips touched. I ran my fingers lightly around her tummy,circling inward toward her belly button, difficult, wanting to touch her navel so badly, but wanting to make the tension last.

Her lips parted and her beautiful eyes closed, just a bit. Her breath came a little faster. I held my finger just over her navel, resting on the smooth silk. She nodded and I stuck my finger into her belly button. She gave a quick inhale of breath, closed her eyes and whispered, yes, as she exhaled. I pushed in harder, flicked my finer along the bottom of her navel, feel the little belly knot through the silk; she was incredible, wonderful. My stomach was tight with excitement, desire.

Hidden from the room by the long white linen tablecloth, I slipped my other hand onto her thigh and moved it slowly up. She moved her head to my shoulder, her hand covered mine on her belly and pushed my finger deeper into her center. Her voice was quiet, "I think we've...we've finished the meet and greet."

As she and I pushed my finger in and out of her navel and I reached the silky wet lips under her dress I said, "I want you. Let's go."

"Yes," she said, "yes, now. Yes."

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Wow! I'm impressed...
this is great *Sexy~Nawty* piece.....You should write more this is really good ;)

Thanks a million, beautiful. I don't usually write public stories (here on EP).
I'm flattered by your comments. Very much so. The source matters and you are a very fine source.

Oh, and if you'll 'friend' me, I can actually write you message.

If only we could :-)