Navel Seduction

Her hips moved with the sway of the train as she stood on her toes to open the window. She was in a tight designer tee-shirt that raised almost to her breasts, her navel was exposed, stretched into a long oval, her jeans very cut low, curvy hips exposed, large, firm breasts pushed against the thin fabric. Darkness turned the window into a dull mirror. She liked looking at herself and knew he would look soon, too.
They shared a private car and the train moved through the hills of Provence.
Now she knew he was looking at her. She could feel his eyes, gentle eyes, with that slight smile always lingering at the corners. Felt his eyes on her long legs, her back, hips, hair. And her belly. He'd glanced at her belly a few times as they settled into the semi-private car and her movements raised her top above her pretty belly button. She saw him focus on her navel, sign of a very sensual man.
He wanted her. She could see it in his green eyes. He tried to hide it, be a gentleman and not stare. But he couldn't ignore her for more than a few seconds.
She felt a flutter in her tummy from his eyes touching her, and maybe her own pleasure because she liked exciting him.
In the mirror of the dark glass she saw him rise. He stood behind her. He reached over her, his big chest lightly against her back. He pulled the window down in a smooth motion.
"Wine?" he asked, still close to her.
"Em, yes."
He touched her arms, turned her around. Their bodies were close.
"Hope red is okay," he said.
She smiled and nodded.
He filled two cups with red wine and sat. He handed one to her. She sat next to him on his banquet. They stretched themselves and felt the cool breeze.
He took her hand. She raised her hand and reached back and touched his face. A little stubble. Lines around his eyes. Strong cheekbones and chin. Slowly, he moved his lips to her fingers.
She took his hand and put it on her waist, over the fabric of her shirt. Good to make a man wait, she thought. Slowly he caressed her upper stomach, just brushing against her breasts.
Something, some current, passed from his chest to her back and into her heart and she sent it back, somehow, and she heard him breathe in quickly.
She put her head back against his shoulder. Her long hair covered his chest. Her shirt lifted, her belly and breasts were bare. He stroked her naked tummy, lightly, slowly. She felt flutters in her stomach. She watched his fingers. She liked to see him touching her, enjoying her, held by her beauty. Her breasts were large and firm and her belly was toned with womanly curves. She’d always liked the way her hips widened to give her a slender waist, and a butt that turned heads.
He pulled her closer to him and she snuggled into him and their heat warmed the car.
He turned her head with his fingers, raised her chin. They looked into each others eyes.
“Your lips, gorgeous, so full,” he said, in a whisper. His warm fingers touched her belly low, just under the edge of her jeans. Her delicate fingers stroked his thigh.
He whispered softly, his voice low. "You're lovely. I think I’m lost in your eyes."
He stretched and reclined on the banquet. She turned, faced him. Lay on him. Their bodies close, they seemed to fit together.
His eyes were so green.
"Your eyes are magic," he said.
"No," she said and she felt a slight blush. "Well, maybe tonight they are."
"Yes. They are tonight."
He kissed her forehead, his fingers glided over her waist. She closed her eyes and as she felt his lips move toward hers she opened her mouth. Soft kiss. Lingering. Warm.
Light flowed through them, between them, her belly and thighs against his.
He kissed behind her ears, the back of her neck, he nuzzled her long thick hair. He savored her.
She heard is breath. It was quick and deep. Then realized it was her breath too, in and out, almost in synch.
"I'll be in Nice for at least a week," he whispered.
"And?" she smiled. She'd make him work.
"Ah, you know, I thought, ah ..."
The both smiled a little. He stroked her long hair.
He said, "Em, I'm sure you're busy, but you know..."
“Yes, she said, Yes, I know. Perhaps we could spend time together."
“Yeah. That would be …”
He kissed her mouth. His hands pulled her jeans down until they were off her hips and the fingers of one hand slipped between them, gilded across her belly, beneath the front of her panties. Then slowly he moved up her tummy, just brushing the tiny hairs until he reached her navel. She shuddered and kissed him hard and pushed her hips into his.
“In your navel? You’d like that?”
“Umm yes yes,” she heard herself say.
His finger dug into her belly button.
It hit her like a golden electric shock and she undulated her belly against him, thrusting his finger deep into her navel, to the bottom, the center were she was incredibly sensitive.
‘Oh, yesss,” she sighed and kissed his neck.
She was near the edge. She could let go. But she wanted more, to let it build, for him and for her.
His palm pushed against her stomach, firm and strong. She felt his fingers gather her beautiful skin, around her navel.
She said, “Yes, make a bigger hole. Yes…” Lord she was … wait.
She quickly got up, pulled off her jeans and t-top.
She stood in front of him naked except for her tiny black panties. Her luxurious hair hung around her shoulders, her breasts were firm, large and high, and her nipples were erect, dark pink, she felt them tingle with need. Her long legs led to her curving hips and her waist and her belly undulated as her breath came in short gasps.
Just let him look…just to prolong the pleasure. She loved his eyes on her. She wanted him to have her all, visually and sensually and to penetrate her deep in her spirit.
He looked at here. His eyes were wide and he seemed to stop breathing. Like he was in shock.
“God, you’re so beautiful … the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”
She knelt on the bed and straddled his chest with her cream-skinned thighs.
“I’ll believe you for tonight,” she said.
She slipped her long fingers inside her panties and touched herself and leaned forward and put her belly in front of his face.
He seemed to come out of his shock. He grabbed her hips and yanked her belly to him, he thrust his tongue into her waiting navel.
Her fingers moved between her thighs. She felt one of his hands unzip his jeans and free himself and they both touched themselves softly, lingering, his tongue hard against her sensitive belly knot now and she was going going to come, going to… and she said, “
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