First Navel Kiss

Hi i am adding one more exp which i had wit my gf
It was our first date
She is too sensitive her first date but not mine
She has deep innie navel which i knew after this experuence only
After a movie v whr travelling in car, i am waiting to see her navel for tge first time but she dont have qny idea to show off her navel
She was very shy and not ready to do it in a car, but i cant control i asked her i need to kiss u, she smiled and said ok and kissed my lips i said no not like tht i said her i need to kiss u in 5 places
She asked where?
I said forehead, lips, ear lobes, neck and navel
But my actuall plan is to kiss her navel and want to see it how does it look lik?
She didnt accept the fifth kiss no way in car
But i know to seduce a women
So i layed her semi flat in my front seat and came over here and when i first kissed her forehead i put my hand on her him and gave a gentle sqeeze she cant do any thing
When i kissed her earlobes i prseed her tummy
Felt the soft ness
And i can find where her navel is located So bfr i kiss her lips my finger straight to her navel and when my lips touched her lips i straight away inserted my finger in she cant do anything she moarned ahhh and opened her lips i striaght away went to a lip lock with my fingering her navel hard, she cant control her pain and she reflected it in her kiss
I didnt stop fingering
It was sooo good, damn deep and
big, i poked very hard and after few mins i took it out she saidd ahhhh aaaaa and she said can u pls leave ur finger in plss it feel gud
I was so happy to hear this now i fingered my thumb finger and kissed her neck witg little lick all around
And my final kiss i took my finger and filled the deep hole with my lips then with my tongue
Vignesh85 Vignesh85
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1 Response Nov 18, 2012

Neat story. Was she still shy about showing her navel after that?

Nope, she shows it and tell me to pleasurize her