Teenage Crush

I was very late developing and was 17 before I was interested in any female at all. She was a friend of my aunts who was 15 years older than I. She was full-bodied with large breasts and I had a crush on her. I was raised by my Mother, grandmother, and aunt so she was around the house sometimes. She eventually learned that I was a bedwetter and talked to me about it because she had a brother who was still wetting into his early teens. She sympathized with me and I wanted to tell her that I was still pooping in my pants, too, and maybe even do it in front of her. The closest I got was during a late movie we were watching. I was under a throw blanket and had been wetting my pants throughout the movie. When the movie was over, I faked sleep and as they went to wake me up, they both noticed I was wet. When I got to my room, I pooped in my wet pants and *********** in them while listening to her  through the door. I wanted her to know that I'd done it, but just couldn't tell her.

charlieboy4 charlieboy4
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I would love that to bb!