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Posing naked in the wild...

I had quite an experience this sunday... how can I put it into words?
I never thought I would feel -free- after it

It was a quick shoot, I thought it'd take more but it didn't, and it couldnt because
being outdoors is risky, I got a lot of bug bites

What can I say? Im an exhibitionist
I enjoy being naked infront of the camera
why is it so easy for me ? I dont know
it takes a lot of courage too
because as a woman my #1 sin is vanity
so its hard to see a pic where you are naked
having all those "perfect" female bodies in every magazine

The shoot was very artistic, I guess everybody had fun
I wasnt having fun at first because I saw worms and spiders and mosquitoes
so the first pictures show my scary look
I was so worried about bugs, I couldnt focus
then I had to accept it and I thought... the hell with it.! im here for a shoot

Its a very interesting experience, a challenge...
I guess the scariest part of the shoot was the corn field...
standing up, nude in a corn field holding a scarf... and the wind blowing....
The weather was so hot... around 100°F
next time I do a shoot outdoors in that kind of weather I'll take a bottle of super cold water
and pour it all over my boobs and body

I also enjoyed the photographer-model bond
we talked before the shoot and the first rule was -no touching-
that's why there was a third person there... but he was busy making sure nobody else was lookin'
so pretty much the photographer had to help me place the cloth or scarf or whatever on my body
it was kinda hot, I have to admit it... but it helped me to get in the mood and forget about the insects
Another rule we broke was the "use the thong all the time" hahaha
so funny......!
at some point they said... hey take the thong off.... ha ha I was like.... OMG
guys are ok if you are topless, but if u take your panties off... that is just hardcore stuff
but I did it
I laughped all night about it, I smiled every time I remembered it

Even thou I was naked, the pictures are very artistic
its hard to pose outdoors
I wonder how the swimsuit models from sports illustrated do it..
Posing is.. hard work
specially if u are in the forest
being indoors is so much easier

I still dont know what I'll do with the pictures
what my photographer will do, how they will look in his porfolio
if people will buy them, if they will end up in an exhition, or not...

I know one thing for sure: I enjoyed this experience and I'll do it again
and I wanna keep doing it
It is art for me, I like it
every picture means something
I like nudity, my natural nudity, my natural original body

I guess beauty is subjective
I loved being photographed naked outdoors

Arashi23 Arashi23 22-25, F 46 Responses Jun 1, 2010

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sounds like a great time would love to see the pics

that sounds like a great experience - glad you enjoyed it so much. have taken naked pics of myself since WAS young

Glad you had a nice experience. Look me up. I did it outdoors too and it was very exhilerating.

please add me, I'd like to see what you have posted

I'd love to shoot you!

I don't care where it is, I love being photographed naked. I have been photographed by male and female photographers

I would be willing to do the same only if it was outdoors and the photographer was a woman.

I have always wanted to pose naked for an art class or photography class and signed up for several. Not being the Adonis type, I don't get any calls to model though.

I have done the same, its fun, i posed for an art class, and posed for a local artist.

Glad you enjoyed it hope you do it again

i guess 'coz you're submissive. maybe next photo shoot you could go naked with four or five clothed male models?

A great story and very nicely told. Thanks for sharing

I like this idea, but of course I would want my face unexposed

I worked as an art model for a summer. Looking back, I loved it! Are you going to post some of the results?

This is usually by way of life modelling . Once , in a suburban group , a stunning early-twenties woman surprised me by covering a huge sheet of paper with a detailed study of my genitals , so in the next pose I straddled a chair , whereupon she exclaimed to the room " Yummy ! " A group of young tertiary students were fascinated by my waxed body , a couple of them , in particular , focusing very strongly on my manhood , everything else being merely in outline . Artists often like a male model to be half-erect , adding fullness to the organ , making it easier to draw . When the teacher wasn't looking and my fans were , I would allow myself to reach a three-quarter state to show my appreciation of their unstinting gaze . In the break we all headed to the college's stairwell for a cigarette . I lagged a few minutes behind , heard my admirers telling the other girls " Hey , this guy's got no pubes " , sparking a lively discussion , questions from those who hadn't yet seen my front . Dressed only in my gown, I sat two steps up from the most ardent student , spreading my legs , giving her a close-up of what she liked best . Her eyes widened and she smiled happily .

I have a studio in PA on 11 acres….John

so.... you woulnt mind sending nude pics to me on twitter or facebook???
twitter name TechNick1298

My wife and I did an exotic photoshoot on a tropical island. Exotic, not erotic. It was a thrill. We don't share the photos, except with a few close friends. Great memories, like you have.

Good that you both enjoy it. If it makes you feel ashamed of what you did then do not share. It is easier to share with unknown people far away than with close persons who could take advantage

Glad you enjoyed the experience enough to try it again. I hope the photos came out to your liking.

Naked selfi. !!

That's the plan. I think my wife is wanting us to have our bodies painted. Im in favor.

A beautiful story of growth and adventure from an artist who knows her own mind.

I'd love for my wife and I to do something like that together.

Then do it, in years to come you will only regret you didn't do it/do it sooner.

I think we are gonna take the plunge the first chance we get. I guess u could say that's something on my bucket list.

Well done and good for you! go for it! .. and have some fun with it. .

You may want to check out boudoir photographer [your city] and do a couples shoot. You'll both be thrilled with the result. I did mine thanks to an online coupon; you may find a photographer in your area offering a discount as well. Boudoir photography doesn't have to involve nudity - most of the time, it doesn't - and body type is irrelevant. The possibilites for a couple are limited only by your imagination. I suggest: have your laptop running the next evening of intimacy, with a long, anticipatory buildup, one of those times, not a task-oriented evening; a langorous, enjoy each other type evening; do some online activity that fires you both up - like EP or a live web show together on NBN - and have a tab open for the boudoir photographer of your choice. At the right time, click to send your joint appointment email, knowing you'll be sharing that experience. Choose the best resulting photo and ask the photographer to add it to her online portfolio. Not only will you both be thrilled seeing yourselves there before the world celebrating each other, but you might be adventurous enough to put snapshots in friends homes (do you dare?) or point out the page at appropriate times to close friends. However you decide to enjoy the experience, privately or publicly, go for it! And please remember to do as I did, you can edit your faces then share the best pix with us here at EP, in a post about your "I did a boudoir photograph" experience.

Ive actually started looking into it boudoir photographers in our area. I think it'd be fun to capture some intimate moments like that with my wife. Who knows it may spice up our marriage some more (not that mine needs it). Thanks for the idea.

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There are just as many females who'd love to take the photos, they are just REALLY hard to find

I am an older guy and I want to pose naked too but don't think I will get many offers in Northern England

I love that too! I was posing with another model, and it was a making-love scene. we were pretending to have sex, and in a few pictures we really were! there is some excitment in having sex with someone that you have never meet, you only know his name. i did it and i'm proud. I showed these photos my parents, my children, my brother and sister.... everyone!

Wow...good for you. ...loved your story

Interesting, and then you go into a rant about how you don't want people to ask you for you photo...

I am looking for someone who could pose for me, send me a message if you are interested

Which country are you in?

I have done glamour photography for many years. I have photographed many nude models in that time and I must agree with you that shooting outside can be more challenging. To help protect yourself from bugs, put on insect repellant that has deet.


I love being outside naked. It doesn't have to be a sex thing, it's just a nice feeling of being unrestricted by sweaty clothing. And photographs do not have to be erotic and sexual. Look at ancient sculptures, they are in no way sexual.