Fresh Ears.

what can i say i used to big muscly gym freak who while big and huge i wasnt defined just solid mass.until a turn of events made me want to be the best me i can be.i've cleaned up my act and become more healthy and focused in all areas of life.i can feel the juice running in veins.I've been eating right and without going into the gym once just body work and what i can at home i feel like i am in the best shape of my life.I've been getting comments on how many years younger i look and come across than my 30yr old I thought well something's right and wonder what it'd be like to pose naked and here i someone who's willing to take on a shy newbie on a one off journey. Also in addition as it is my first time I would have a preference for a female artist,it don't mean nothing just gotta be very comfortable with the first time. I'm psyched.
waterboyomi waterboyomi
Sep 24, 2012