The Road To 1000

It will take time though as I don't want to share very short posts. It would be like cheating to reach the goal (no offense to those who have posted uh... please don't kill me. *whimpers*)

I don't know why I want to post a lot of stories. On one hand, I feel like I do have a lot of stories to share. On the other hand, I don't want to share just to reach the goal. I want them to be worth your time (this statement eerily makes me feel like it's going to haunt me in the near future...).

I'm now thinking of something to end this post with which will make you have an epiphany. I am wracking my head out and nothing is coming to me. Wait, is that a fly on my screen? Nope, it was just some smidgen of dust. Where was I? Oh yeah, filling up space so the first story on this group won't be too short of a post.

Do you think this should be on random thoughts? Nah, let it be. I'm a cyborg.
mareliberum mareliberum
Dec 14, 2012