For My Ex Who Didn't Deserve My Wrath....

For my ex wife, who never could understand my cheating ways,
even though she found me passed out under a bridge,
took me home, tried to clean me up and married me any way.
then cried every day because I didn't change.

Today we are good friends, I have changed and so has she.
I know she will see me in this video and laugh.
For you my friend, remember how we were.

this really is the story of how I used to be.
I'm still similar today, but don't drink or do drugs anymore.
The rest I still like...


TheHelmsman TheHelmsman
51-55, M
3 Responses Nov 6, 2010

lol, yup it sure is, it WAS my life before...

when the shoe fits, put it on and wear it proudly...

LOL!!!!!! :-)