Video Tribute Surprize

I made my first Video Tribute for a husband last week. We had been chatting by yahoo and swapped some wife pics, he made the commit he would like to see her picture covered with ***. I told him I could do better than that and would make him a video. He had sent me about 15 or so pictures of his wife some of which was them together. I carefully saved and printed them. The next morning I wake up with a raging hard on Lite me up a giant Cigar and started the web-cam on record . Being the very verbal type I was telling him how i was going to **** his wife while he seat in a chair jacking his smaller ****. As i was going thru the pics i paused on the picture of him and his wife, Verbally taunting him as I jacked my ****, i was wondering what he would think if i busted my load on his picture instead of hers. I could not take it any longer and let out a loud grunt and covered his picture with my ***. I then sent it to his e-mail address. Checking my e-mail the following night i saw a reply. It started out : Who the **** is this, and how did you get those pictures. With a return e-mail address of Susan , his wife not him. I guest someone has a lot of explaining to do. Not sure how it happen but I'm guesting he give me her address in error. Needless to say i have not heard back from him.
curiousfireman curiousfireman
46-50, M
Oct 25, 2012