Torn Between Two Emotions

I have agonised over sharing pictures of my wife for over 5 years now - it is a real mixture of emotions.  The kick of other guys (and girls) being aroused by her pictures is better than any other adrenalin rush you can get, but this has to be balanced against the risk of being recognised or found out (for the 50%+ of guys who post without their wives/gf's knowledge).


I have always posted and traded very discreetly, but there is always the risk of 'leakage'.  Sure enough, a few months ago, I found pictures of my wife on a public posting site, including clearly recognisable face pictures, that could spell disaster.   Initially I had an apaplexy (and reviewed my last will and testament), but then realised that the pictures had been there for over a year.   The danger period of arsenic in my breakfast cereal was long past - she's on page 50 of 150 pages, in one forum, out of many forums.  However that adrenaline rush of her being completely on display for over a year was overwhelming.

If I suddenly disappear from here, the arsenic did arrive, but it's been a hell of a ride for the past 6 years of showing my lady, and letting others appreciate her curves as much as I do.

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2010

would love to see her sexy pics as I also enjoy showing sexy pics of my wife!

Then sift through my albums and you'll spot her.....promise!

some things are worth dying for LOL

With the millions, if not,billions of photos out there on the ocean of pleasure,I'm not sure anyone will find pictures of your wife that you personally know,that's the magic of posting pictures of your wife........and if by any chance you saw the pictures of your mother-in-law from years back sucking a huge **** and taking another in her ***,I'm sure you wouldn't bring it up at the annual Christmas dinner,would you? ......however,you would look at your Mother-in-law in a completely different light,but it would remain secret,your secret.<br />
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I've been gawking at photos of my wife now for years,gets me so horny,but when I found the courage to put some of them up here,it was as if I could se her naked in a room where strangers were looking on,except the strangers were millions of horny men and women,all pressed up to an invisible window,the cyber window filled with hungry eyes,I'd look back at my disgusted wife,see her get a knife out and grab my testicles,she'd look back at the crowd and ask if they agree to have me castrated,she'd get excited,open her legs,spread her ***** and put on a show,I'd *** all over her face and knife and she'd squirt onto the window!!!<br />
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Women are exibitionists,so don't worry about your wife,once over the initial shock she'll be hornier than you think.Try just showing her one pic of herself and see how wet she gets!!<br />
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Relax guys,there's no big deal,even the star are oing their 'SexTapes',if you haven't got a Sextape then you're nobody these days.

Like. Would love to see your wives photos. Where did you post them? Please share.

I posted them in my galleries here....but you'll just have to sift through all of'll see her!

hi..<br />
lets exchange our wife nude pics..<br />
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i has a lot of nude pics of my wife.. its real..

Let me know if your interested in a safe place to show your wife.

I too love the thought of other guys/girls seeing my wife nude. And yes, she would have a fit if she knew. For that reason I never show her face. Much as I would love to do so it is just not worth the risk.