What Does It Benefit The Girls To Chase Men Who Are Playing It Hard To Get? (hard Truth)

Why is it that the standard motif to get a girls attention is to play it like you’re just casually disinterested and don’t even see her there after giving her just enough attention to make her want more?

how does it benefit women to go after guys who play it hard to get? It seems to me male behavior is fairly straight forward for the most part so the guy in question (which of the two could it be) is either feigining disinterest (this is the more likely of the two) or is genuinely disinterested

As to the one who has learned to cynically play it like he doesn’t even want it generally these are the nice guys who are trying to fix **** but the truth is the whole ******* process is still ultimately about one thing to them. *****. and when you end up knocked up they leave.

And as to the genuinely disinterested sort if you Sway the guy over to your cause  it’s NOT going to be some great reward. The dude will ALWAYS be looking for a way out and feeling like he settled because that’s REALLY not how it works… all these games are obsfucitatign the truth that it’s happening at somewhere FAR deeper and more instinctual than where the social game playing begins but we learn to distort each others instincts by these games. all male “tricks” are usually confidence tricks that are used to basically give us higher perceived value to those around us than we really are actually able to hold down because it makes us look like we are so stable we could have anyone and it’s not a big deal so when it doesn’t owrk out there’s no hard feelings and people generally WANT that safety but what happens is that  in spite of all of that the girl usually gets knocked up or heavily emotionally attached to a dude who is just like a bird and only flies away.

meanwhile our heads are filled with stuff about how we’re the “marrying type” but you don’t marry someone you haven’t dated first.

and we see a never ending campadre of women who can’t let go years after the fact but call guys who can’t a problem when it’s EXTREMELY common with women.


 <-case in point. Pretty Raw right? Imagine a guy feeling the same way.

what does it benefit women to be able people who basically dangle themselves in front of them like yarn only to contract and run away?

it seems to me if either of the two genders in dating benefited form playing it like a game it would be the girls because mostly speaking guys are only after a depository for their ******* ***** and playing ti hard to get seems to run havoc on everyones emotions-it’s one way to make sure the dude will fall on his face even if he won’t admit it and STAY. But when the guy does it generally his plan is to spread his seed far and wide and NOT clean up his messes.

talk about backwards instincts.

ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
31-35, M
Dec 11, 2012