I Was Once In Their Shoes. Some Things Need To Change

The line: "suicide is not the answer" does nothing for a suicidal person. Trust me, I was in their shoes. When people said that to me it just made it worse. It made me mad. So did all of those phone numbers. I know you guys are just trying to help, but talking to some random person on the phone and having them lecture me does not sound ammusing. The thing is, is that you don't know why they are thinking how they are. They could be bullied, they could have a hard home life, or maybe they are the most popular kid in school and they go every day trying to keep that status. But all these people have one thing in common: they all want someone to talk to. When I was like them I hated when people told me I should talk to a doctor or I should get help. It made me feel stupid and embarassed. Even now when my mom questions if I'm having thoughts of hurting myself, I am embarassed.
So if you really want to help, next time someone is having symptoms, instead of throwing phone numbers at them and inspirational quotes, just talk to them. Don't even start off talking about suicide. Because guess what? We hate when people talk about it. Just tell them a bit about yourself, get to know eachother, talk about the weather, sports, or hobbies... It doesnt really matter, as long as you try not to talk about suicide.
I never wanted someone to talk to about how "suicide is not the answer". All I wanted was a normal everyday conversation with someone so I felt like I had a friend.
brooklyn8101 brooklyn8101
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013