Ok, The Book Is Ready, But Now I'm Terrified About Publishing It

Ok, the book is ready, but now I'm terrified about publishing it.
See, I have disclosed a lot about a secret I’ve been caring for the last 17 years.
Yes, I wrote it with a different name, and disguised all the details that could identify me or others that I talk about.
It’s been a long process, and I’ve cried many tears along the way.
I had this great idea to get the book published, but now I’ve paralyzed with fear.
The book is written in Portuguese (my mother language) and although I like the final result, I don’t love it, and still haven’t figured out if it’s because of the theme or lack of confidence in my writing.
My friends (the 2, I’ve shown it to) tell me it’s fantastic, but I don’t know, maybe they’re just being kind.
Has anyone ever experienced this fear?
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Hey Sophia1973! <br />
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Firstly I want to say congratulations! It must have taken a lot of strength, courage and skill to write about something that is so personal to you... well done! <br />
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I know what you are going through because I have recently finished writing a book and have dreams of getting it published but I have suddenly lost confidence in it. <br />
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The advise I would give to you, is ask yourself why you want to get your book out there... I assume it is to allow people to enjoy and learn from your book? Try to detach yourself personally from the book now and hold on to the thought that you are doing this for others now. I recommend "the writers and artists year book" It has details of publishers world wide, it will help you get the publishing ball rolling. (you will be able to get a copy on amazon)<br />
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If you don't get the book published... writing and completing a book is a wonderful accomplishment in itself. (^_^)<br />
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Good luck and I wish you every success!!! : )

Yes, I am in the process of writing a book where I disguised the characters and my friends tell me it's good but I have a fear of finishing it, like I might die before I can try to get it published.

It is your creation. You better like it or others will have a hard time liking it. Most of the time a writer's enjoyment of what they are writing is a good sign that others will enjoy it.<br />
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What have you done to edit it? That is a very important step if you want to have success with the published result. I've finished my first book, Howard and the Crystal of Jedh. The work that I've put into editing it is equal to the work I put into writing it.<br />
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Regardless of what you want to do in the way of more editing, you owe it to yourself and possibly to all of your potential fans to get it published. Good luck.

I think that your being to critical of yourself. a good friend im sure would let you know honestly what they think. I find myself criticizing some of the work that I do, even though I know that it is done very well. Sure there are always ways to do things differently, but is it any better, or just different? Who knows. I would talk to a publisher about it, i'm sure that it's fantastic.