It's So Hard With All These Book Publishing Choices

So about all these websites now that say they'll help you publish your book. They will help you publish it, however, what they don't always tell you up front, is that the cost of advertising it falls solely on your shoulders. Sure they display your book online on their online store front. It might even pop up on a few other websites like or barnes& But anyone who self-publishes knows, that isn't enough. You also have to actively market your book.

That can also be the problem. Many writers like to write books, that's why they do it. They often don't like the job of selling their book though. Not to mention it can also take a lot of time out of your writing regiment. So what does all this mean if you want to publish your book?

What it really boils down to is your goals. What's more important to you, selling a lot of books, if you're lucky and a house picks you up? Or creating the book yourself along with the help of a self-publishing site?
It's no secret that most people who've been traditionally published, had to submit their book to houses for weeks, months, or even years before they were picked up. It's a respectable road, but can also be a long, hard one. You're also at the whim of someone else's tastes.

Self-publishing is actually easier these days. But your book may not sell very well. You may end up spending money on creating it, never to see a return on all your hard work. It's not a waste, it's just that you probably needed to spend more time, energy and money on advertising it.

I can't really tell you which way is better for you. It depends on what your goals are. But both ways will take time and neither can guarantee sales. What's most important is going through the process. No matter which way you choose to publish your book, you'll learn a lot about the process. The second time around is always easier.

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You're welcome. You express your thoughts so well with all your works. Thanks for sharing.