Untold Stories

I have been writing stories since i learned my alphabet. I started writing poetry in the 4th grade, when i was 9, after i fell in love with some Sheil Silverstein(excuse my spelling, i'm going straight from nine year-old memory), books.
I have always been a fan of words and books, and i feel like i have a story to tell.....but who would want to listen???
My biggest fear in becoming a published author, is that i won't get read....or worse....everyone will hate what i write.
I suppose i could survive if people hated my novels....but my poetry???? A piece of me would DIE. My poems are like a piece of my Soul, and i would feel worse than just a loser if that got rejected....fact is...im afraid....but i do want to be read...
So i'll have to let all of my words go. Send them off into the world so that they can hopefully make a difference in someone's life. Teachers and friends have said i have a gift. And what good is a gift if it's never given???...
DarkAngel24 DarkAngel24
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2012