My Lifes Ambition


I’ve been writing sense 3rd grade and through out my life I have picked up, dropped, and picked up again writing. I guess the main reason that writing in general makes me so happy in so many different ways is because it’s an expression of feelings, emotion, situations, and so much more that you have the ability to corrupt in any way you feel comfortable.

            My dream is to publish a book that not only I’m satisfied and proud of but a book that people can connect with and relate to whether they’re feeling down, depressed, or ecstatic about their life. I think when writing something it should not only feel important to you but could also be important to others. There are so many good writers in this world, many that haven’t even been discovered yet but you have to realize that it’s you that has the power to make something great, make something stand out while still sticking to your morals in life.

            I hope to one day publish a poetry book, a novel, and so much more. But time is on my side for now, which doesn’t mean that I’m not trying but I see it as I have the rest of my life to truly write something great.

Only time will tell of where I end up, what I end up doing with my life, and whether or not love is on my side.

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2 Responses Jun 6, 2007

*i've been writing since 3rd grade.<br />
Well if you love to write do it. You could take some classes or read a lot of works by famous authors to see how it goes, they say a good writer reads a lot too.

3 years on, Are you any closer to getting that book published?