It Truly Irks Me That This Cow Draws Breath.

In my lifetime I have had to endure the mindless blather of Phylis Shaffley, forced to see the dead drunken eyes of Pat Nixon. I have been tourtured with the high pitched siren of a voice that was Nancy Regan and looked into the blank wall of Laura Bush. But I sware to you all, I would endure a night of full on sex with Barbara Bush if it would ensure that I would never again have to see or hear that Alaskin poster child for marriage between daughter and father, Sarah Palin.
It's 2010 and this refuge from a tupperware meltdown gets up on stage and vomits out the gospel according Ayan Rand and then for good measure brings Jesus into it, and I dont mean her gardner jesus either, she brings in that 2000 year old masochist who forgot his safety word.
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2 Responses Jul 14, 2010

Flat broke ?????? From what I've heard she is a true "cash cow". Interesting how "cow" came to mind as part of quote! Understand that if we had her money, we would burn ours. Where did you get the impression she was flat broke. Her book, "Going Rogue" earned her a small fortune and her speaking engagements (which are many) are particularly lucrative. That having been said - I want to puke also every time I see her and listen to her moronic rhetoric. .

If she had been running California instead of Alaska, I bet you wouldn't be flat broke right now. California that is. Who's your beef with? Sarah or Jesus? I don't care for some of her politics either, but her resume reads a lot better than Obama's