No Face Punches to Bears

So, I tried punching a koala bear in the face yesterday.  I went to the zoo here in Germany where I am stationed.  I guess there are laws against that sort of thing here, because there was a "No Face Punches To Bears" sign right outside of the Koala Bear hut.  What am I going to do now? Do I need to fly to Australia just to punch a Koala in the face? Guess I need to buy tickets soon.

wikkedirish wikkedirish
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9 Responses Aug 6, 2008

HEY! THey started it! Have you read my story about my fight with Cookie the Koala? Or her demonic son Chuebagga? Yeah.... evil little buggers!

I live in Australia and have lived with koala's in my back yard. Do you realise that Koala's are not bears? They are marsupials and have pouches were they carry their young!<br><br />
Leave the koala's alone!

Still no GAWD DAMN COFFEE!!!! WHen I get me some coffee... I am going to use a bear skull as my carafe!

im here Wikked. wer he at? Pud emmm up, pud emmm up... aww he's so cute....


omg your a riot lol

Read the wikked does battle with a koala if you want to talk about vicious claws!

them things got some serious claws dont they? lol ive seen them.....

I know! Tell me about it. One almost ripped my face off THROUGH the bullet proof glass! It was amazing. The koala must have had adamantite claws like Wolverine or something.