I Actually Did It

Yesterday my husband was in full on jerk mode all day. We got up early and got ready and journeyed to the grocery store. We were getting along fine and everything was good until inside the store he started saying that he was going to buy us both iPods for our upcoming birthdays. I was happy about that, but as we continued to talk about it he relayed to me that he was getting me the 8 gig one and him the 32 gig one. I inquired as to why and how he came to decide this and his reasoning simply was that he had a job so he deserved more gigs. Now let me just say here that I had a job until March of this year. I had that job for 5 years. I have had that job through the nearly 2 years he was laid off! The only reason I don't have a job anymore is because he insisted that I quit my job to stay home and concentrate on getting pregnant. So I quit. Now I am upset by what he says about the iPods but I just joke with him and say well then I want a 64 gig one. And I even LAUGH about it. He gets a mean look on his face and glares into my eyes and says through gritted teeth, "I work, now get the **** off!" That runs all over me and I walk off from him. I do my shopping at break neck speed and have the buggy nearly full when he approaches me and says he is not paying for the groceries so I need to forget them. I walk off and leave the buggy and head for the truck. I get out to the parking area and he has moved the truck! I walk all over looking for it and it is 90+ degrees. I am sweating profusely! Then I see him driving around coming toward me. I stop walking and he pulls up to let me in. I get up in the truck and just start pounding on his face, arm, stomach, chest. Anywhere I can hit him. I am furious! We go home and all the way home he keeps telling me if I don't let him take me back to the store he is never taking me anywhere again. Oh yes, I forgot to mention. While he was laid off we could not afford to keep both of our vehicles. So he convinces me to let mine be the one to get repossessed and keep his cause it is newer. Well I did that even though his is a standard and I can't drive it. So now I have no ride. Anyway, we make it back to the house and he is still going on about going back to the store. So I tell him to go by himself. Then he starts getting in my face and with a smart *** smile on his face he keeps repeating, "Are you ready to go to the store?" over and over and over. So I hit him again. Then I call a friend to come get me. I stay at my friend's house for about 3 hours and my husband comes and picks me up. He apologizes over and over and we go to the store. Then he cooks a yummy dinner for me. But I tell him I still have not forgiven him. So I get an amazing back rub that lasts until I fall asleep and another 30 minute back rub when I wake up. He is still in the dog house and sucking after me right now. I don't feel bad that I hit him either. He deserved every bit of that!
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Wow sounds like my ex husband...I'd never let a man like that make you pre go. He will do whatever he can to make himself feel like the man and seem like the good husband to everyone outside of you including you when he thinks you can make him lagitamatly look like the insucure ***** he is. My advise is get the **** away from this loser while you still can walk away mostly intact. Don't involve a child. Its just his tool to control you with. Its always the same with his type of guy...*sigh* if I could I would have my ex desentigrated so me and my son could be free of his manipulation and distortion.

I love that stuckinlimbo says violence isn't the answer and then gives you instructions on how to properly manipulate him.<br />
Frankly I think punching him was a good move. My husband says he'd much rather I sock him once and get it out of my system then the standard female response. And frankly, punching him saves me the time and mental energy I could be focusing in a positive way on family and work.

Men are so dense!... my husband did something similar to me once... left the store and drove around so i would think he had left me there... and theyyy always always try kissing your *** after.. like really? you just forced me to imagine many ways i could kill you in your sleep and your trying to kiss up right now! ahahahhaha

First - Didnt your mom teach you to keep your hands to yourself? Violence never is the answer<br />
Second - Learn to drive standard - sheesh<br />
Third - I think that you let him buy both ipods - then get him drunk - take his and put all your music on there - then cancel the internet service so he cant change them - mind you - when you put yours on his - make sure you put his music on yours - and be like oops - i got them confused! <br />
Fourth - let him do the shopping <br />
Fifth Check your health insurance - you 2 need therapy to control those pushing button beating up on episodes <br />
sixth - treat eachother with respect is this something you would be proud to show a child you were trying to bring into the world? <br />
Just points to consider

Well apparently he thinks emotional violence and intimidation tactics are just fine so I say either get control of the situation and never let him up or get away from the abusive degrading behaviour. And yes it is very degrading to treat a woman like this. A woman should never have to be her mans emotional punching bag for any reason let alone the stupidest of all reasons. so he's insecure. So what. That gives him less rights to even be w a woman in my opinion. I hope a stronger male takes her man out a few times and then makes him watch as he gets his beautiful wife pregnant. He diserves to be truly cucked.