Punch This Fat Guy

I've never had any personal enemies in my life except this particular fat kid from school when I was about 12 years old. In the P.E. locker room, I had a locker right beside this rotund. He'd always make fun of my thick glasses, how I do my hair, and my Asian qualities (sometimes, he would talk to me in "Chinese" like, "ching, chang, chong, chee, chang"). Every little thing on me, he made fun of. I wouldn't dare respond. I was such a quiet and good kid. I don't want any trouble. I regularly tried to get to the lockers and dress quickly to avoid this blow-hard. Thankfully, this entire affair lasted one semester.

But if I really had the opportunity, I would search for this guy, and really punch him square on the jaw. And maybe punch him in the gut for good measure; make him lose everything through every orifice. I hope when I find him, he's like 500 lbs., unemployed, and utterly depressed. If true, well, tough luck. I got a fist with his name it.
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It's funny, i had this one bully that sounds a lot like him. He wasn't that big really, I was taller that him, and I couldn't say that either one of each other was the more athletic. But he still had the bully mentality to all who were "different" than him. He picked on me since we were mad young, and I had to deal with him the entirety of my school life till i graduated highschool. He got bigger, meaner, and stupider. I just didn't get it. For a while it bothered me, but one day I found out how he was treated at home. He was the youngest one in a large family of jersey italians that just yelled at each other like that was their only form of communication. Poor kid probably got the brunt of it, like a trickle down effect. In the end, he was probably more bullied at home than I ever was at school. I started taking martial arts though, early highschool. By the end of highschool I started helping as an assistant instructor. Now I'm a full time martial arts instructor and competitor, as well as having traveled the world and finishing college. I gotta say, I don't want to think where that poor kid ended up. I don't think I could punch him in the face if I ever saw him again.

Oh i see. Well that's good. :)

Oh, do not worry, NubianPrincess. Just to be clear, this situation didn't bring a hefty burden on me growing up. No depression. It only lasted half a school year, and I literally never saw or met the guy again. I turned out really quite well. Thankfully, I was so respected and well-liked by most of my classmates. He was the only guy who thought otherwise. Like a pimple on a beautiful girl's face. I amuse myself looking back on it, and what I would do if I met him again. I have no burden and no grudge.

Oh man. It sounds like you really were affected by this kid. I totally get that. For some reason being bullied just never leaves you. I have memories too that a whole decade later i still haven't forgotten. I think you need to put the fist down though coz his behaviour in high school was probably a deep rooted reflection of his own personal insecurities and immaturity. Ugh, sorry for sounding so psychological. But you dont deserve to be carrying that around with you. He's not worth it. You sound like a good guy and despite still having the bad memories, i hope it didnt change you from being a good person. Take care.