The Punishment

After taking many of your comments and recommendations into consideration, I informed the insignificant little miscreant that he was to be punished for trolling the internet for his own sexual gratification. I told him that his punishment was a result of a "poll" held on the EP site and had been based around the comments and suggestions made. Of course this started off the usual whinging and whining and "oh no Miss" over posting his misdeeds for all to see.
He was given specific instruction to present himself to me freshly cleaned and shaved with a pair of my favorite girly pink frilly knickers, a leather paddle and his chastity device. He duely did so but, as is often the case with small boys and their toys, he failed to present himself with the chastity device as he "had looked everywhere but couldnt find it". Being a kind and benevolent Mistress I gave him another five minutes to find it and told him that if he didnt I would have to create my own. Of course it wasnt found. And so the punishment began.
I told him that, as he had obviously been seeking thrills on the internet so he could get excited, I was going to help him not only get excited but stay that way!! He was firstly instructed to stand in front of me and get his little dicklette nice and hard. Of course as most of you will know, its not the easiest thing to do when its this clinical. So I gave him five minutes more and helped him out by subjecting him to a barrage of abuse regarding the inadequacies of his equipment. When he finally managed to acheive what Im sure he would call "Hard" I told him to stand so that his little dickie was roughly at my chest height. I was sat on a dining chair I hasten to add, so as he is 6' 2" tall this meant he had to stand with his legs slightly bent. I dont suppose this was particularly comfortable but hey...what did I care. I then produced a long piece of black cord (this idea was gratefully pinched from a certain other submissive in this group however I felt that ribbon was a little too easy) and having secured one end to the base of his shaft, I proceeded to tightly bind his **** and balls. Now this did take some time as I am somewhat of a perfectionist and I am sure that his calf muscles must have been on fire but I felt that after about 45mins I had done a pleasing job. In fact I was so pleased with my handiwork that I felt that it needed to be captured and retained. So out with my second favorite item of punishment.....the camera.
Once bound to my satisfaction, but to his obvious discomfort as he now couldnt lose his erection, I instructed him to stand facing the dining table and bend over it. Now this is my favorite position as it suits my height and also because the table is in front of a huge window at the front of the house. He, for the exact same reasons, dislikes it emensely, but at the end of the day....who cares??..Certainly not me. His count was simple....10 for every site he had joined without prior permission, 5 for every email sent from the said sites, 5 for every day he had been on the sites before me finding out and finally 50 for being dishonest. So with a little reckoning I made the total around 240 strokes. Now it is customary for him to keep and accurate count and thank me after every stroke but as this was the most he had ever received in one "sitting", and again being a kind and considerate Mistress, I allowed him to keep an accurate count but only thank me after very 10 strokes. The first 20 are always the most gratifying and give me the most pleasure. Seeing the little wimp flinch and watching his poor little white bum change through the colours from palest pink to rich shiny red can often give me as much pleasure as a well trained tongue. The sheer joy of hearing the leather crack against flesh and feeling the wam heat radiating from the skin often cancels out the disappointment felt at his disrespectful behaviour. By the time I reached the promised 240 strokes not only was his backside glowing but he was also stiff and sore from remaining in the position for so long. So in order to help loosen up his poor old joints I got him to go make me a drink as punishing a sub is thirsty work!! By the time he got back with the drink his bum had lost some of its earlier cherry red shine but I still wanted to preserve the memory so, once again out came the camera.
Now came what he thought was the final part of his punishment, I had decided some time before that the living room was looking a little shabby and needed a spruce up. So appropriately dressed I set him to work re painting the living room ceiling and walls. He just looked so cute in his little pink frillies doing a manly job like painting and decorating that of course I reached for the camera. And of course the area around the window had to be done more than once which he said worried him the most as he was sure that people would be able to see him. God he does whine alot. But I dont think he was too concerned as the cord around his dicklette suddenly started to cause him some discomfort. Little pervert, getting excited at the thought of his poor unsuspecting neighbours being subjected to the sight of him in knickers.
He finished the painting whilst I rested from my afternoons work on the sofa with a good book, well a copy of a magazine that shows the kind of man that should be satisfying women everywhere. When he presented himself to me and informed me that he had finished his chore, I rewarded him with the instuction that he could now go run a warm scented bath. He duely and gratefully did and once it was full, he helped me into it and gently and reverently sponged me down and washed my hair. Having carefully dried me, brushed my hair and helped me into bed I then told him he could have the nice part of his punishment, which involves him paying oral homage to me and then with the help of his right hand and a brandy glass he is allowed to relieve his own frustrations and have a nightcap. (Im sure I dont need to go into disgusting detail on this). Oh dear.....being so tightly bound he cant relieve his frustrations.....and guess what.....this just makes him more frustrated...Oh the joys.
So I would like to finish by saying thank you to all you cruel and deviantly minded SPH lovers for your assistance in punishing one of your own.
Oh and so that those who suggested taking and publising photos on the web dont think that I forgot about them ........unsuprisingly there is a new album on my profile. And if he's naughty again then I will make him thank you all individually as he is a member of this group also.
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Lol...poor little fellow.

I wish you werent such a long swim away

He should just be gratefull that he has a partner who cares enough,or doesn't as you say,lol,to treat him in the fashion that he needs.Keep up the good work.

Good way to treat a man with a small ****.<br />
My husband treats me like a prepubescent boy.<br />
No hair, and a chastity belt.

Get real everybody!<br />
As long as it isn't chidren - or 'people' that are not "consenctial", I don't see the problem!<br />
<br />
I know plenty of 'gays', including those in 'High Office' in Govt or 'Showbiz' ( what's the difference?).<br />
I DO ob<x>ject to hyprocacy!<br />
<br />
That is my opinion.<br />
<br />
As soon as someone takes that right away from me (within the existing law), I shall ob<x>ject (in the fullest legal terms).<br />
Do you agree - or not?<br />

My apologies, I cannot upload the photos are they are too big!!! Ha ha a first for him. If you can help me with making the pictures samller so I can publish them then please let me know. Otherwise if you are desperate to see them let me know and I will see about emailing them to you.