The two girls who I’ve tried to hook up with have had a very negative reaction to my ****. The first just laughed at me when I took my pants off and told me to put them back on. The most recent girl refused to give me a ******* or sex, even after she had been telling me all night how she couldn’t wait to do those things with me, and the next morning I sneaked a peak at her phone. She had texted her friend “there’s something wrong with his ****”. I don’t even think it’s that small especially compared to the other guys on this site…2″ soft, 5″ hard. Anyway, I’m still a virgin at 26 and this is really starting to get to me, so please be brutally honest with me.
tangio tangio
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

You are a muffdiver and don't let anyone tell you different.

ok to be brutally have a tiny todger and you will probably have to get used to the fact that its just not worth bothering with!!